Mark Cards Sunglasses – Every Time You Pick One from Their Deck

Magicians have been entertaining the public for centuries. Their tricks and maneuvers trick our minds to think they are actually magical. But science proves it is truly a set of odd tricks that will fool the general public. Some magicians are as good at it as they would not ever tell their secret. The magicians are using a simple tool which allows them to see each and every hand in their deck without looking at the card face up. The key is luminous ink. This unique invisible ink will make it possible for you to view the markings on red backed playing cards with a tiny red filter. The red filter is placed in your sunglasses and will make it possible for you and only you to read the markings like it were right there indicated. No squinting, no studying little tiny markings, it is as straightforward as placing the glasses on and reading the back of the card.

Not only is this trick used for magicians, but this trick is also used for poker sharks. Poker players who have home games could easily indicate a deck of cards and host the game. It is shunned upon and is not recommended, but this is something which people have done using ink. It would be interesting to indicate a deck of cards and spell out a secret message through the cards such as Will you marry me? While you and your partner play a game of poker. The options are endless for the invisible ink. Not only does this operate on red backed marked cards sunglasses, but it is going to work with any paper based red surface thing. Provided that the luminous ink will soak into the red paper, it is going to conjure up the consequences.


The ink is a valuable Ink that not a lot of folks know about. People would not expect a deck of cards to be marked with the ink. So in case you wish to beef up your magician abilities, explore luminous ink to get the work done. It is going to do the trick 100 percent of the time. Individuals are going to be in shock along with your new gift of power. The powerful ink is given on a small number of websites. Search the best way to mark cards now to receive your precious glasses and ink now!

Force decks are another sort of trick deck. These decks are utilized to induce a spectator to pick a specific card. Among the more common kinds of force decks comprise of identical cards. The magician must be careful not to allow the viewers see the faces of exactly the same cards but the trick can be finished quite easily and without much sleight of hand and visit to get more information. Another deck made especially for magical is the marked deck. It will look to the untrained eye only like a normal deck. It takes some practice for the magician to become Familiar with all the subtle marks on the deck.